EFT Weekend Workshop Apr4-6th 2014, San Francisco


Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) weekend training:
Tapping Away Resistance and Making Space for a Radiant Life
April 4-6, 2014, San Francisco
-Do you feel you are close to manifesting your dreams, but they are just out of reach?
-Do you feel stuck in patterns that aren’t helping you?
-Are you looking for self-help tools to help you move forward?
In this fun, interactive workshop, you will learn about EFT (or tapping), including its history and how to use the tool on yourself to clear deep-seated patterns and issues.We will have exercises in pairs and as a group to clear stress, fears, doubts, and resistance to creating the life you wish to live.You will then visualize, tap on, and creatively depict your dreams. The workshop will combine movement; tapping individually, as a group, and in dyads; and creative expression. Perfect for those new to EFT, or wanting to deepen their skills.
Fri April 4, 7-9:30pm: Free Introduction to tapping, including a group tap to relieve stress
Saturday April 5, 10am-5pm: Clearing resistance, doubt and fears
Sunday April 6, 10am-5pm: Manifesting your dreams
Cost: Friday evening: free introduction
For Saturday only: $100 – $90 if you register by March 15;
For Sat and Sunday: $180 – $160 if you register by March 15
Location: 3435 Cesar Chavez Street, suite 320, San Francisco (register for code and directions)
About the facilitators:
Jenny Brav, MSW, CMP, trained with Sonya Sophia Illig in 2010, and is both a certified EFT practitioner and acupressurist.She provides individual sessions and monthly EFT circles in Berkeley.
Mayah Hegre, B.A.,LMT, trained with Sonya Sophia since 2006, and is certified both as an EFT Adv. practitioner and Holistic Health practitioner.  She provides individual sessions and weekly EFT circles in San Francisco.

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