1st daily meditation using EFT


With hopes that we can all find our way back to the infinite essence of love.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  Tapping has its roots  in every ancient tradition.  This synergistic process integrates positive affirmations with tapping on points that correlate to your meridians.  The same meridians in Chinese Medicine.

Some of the points are located:

  • inside corner of the eye
  • outside corner
  • under nose
  • under lips
  • medial collar bone points
  • sternum
  • stomach

Please join me in tapping.  Take time to breathe and relax into the energy moving.  Energy moves through you either by burping, yawning, farting, crying, or laughing.  Remember,  effective releasing happens as a result of accepting, loving, and forgiving.

Here is a close look at my EFT session with self.

Even though I still have healing to do I deeply love and accept myself.  Deeply in the subconscious mind I am healing.  Deeply I forgive the way I’ve been.     Releasing paralyzing fear that I can’t heal completely.  I’m too screwed up.  I forgive myself for the part that gave up on myself.  I am alive.  I am thriving.  I surrender to Love’s power.  I am healed.  In my mind I think right thought.  I release any negative attachment to who I am.  I am having an experience.  I’m enjoying this now.  I witness my thoughts.  I ride the wave willingly.  I accept my authentic path.  I have confidence in my ability.  I am strong and centered.  I don’t need anything to remain calm and centered.  I am free to live this life.  I choose love as my divine source.  I accept love easily.  I am lovable and likable.  I am respected and appreciated in my community.  I live in grace and spirit.  I reside in love always.  I am free.  I am free. My body is my temple and is filled with divine grace.  I sense the deepest healing.  I embrace  my resistance.  I release this resistance now.  Breath.  I surrender to my higher power.  I reopen my heart easily.  I am choosing to open to heavenly grace.  I source my own connection.  I release any remaining fear that I can’t do this.  Breathe.  I am free in  my cells.  I release any attachment to fear that I can’t do this.  I breath easily and respond quickly.  I source my own pain.  I’m scared but I continue forth.  I release my fear easily and forgive myself for ever having the thought that I was separate.  I source my pain easily.  I accept myself in this moment, pain and all.  I love myself.  I believe in the power of love.  I believe in loving one another.  I create a stress management program and weekly EFT circle.  I love myself.  I desire peace.  It is easy for me to feel peace.  I sense urgency and I accept it and release it.  I am doing the good work.  I’m helping reset the balance.  I’m dancing my way through disbelief.  Dare I heal myself?  What would it feel like if I did a successful cleanse?  What if I felt better?  What if I want to love myself a little more?  I deeply love and accept myself.  I deeply love and accept myself.  I am healing my relationship with self.  I deeply love and accept myself.  I deeply sense gratitude.  I deeply feel inspired.  I deeply believe in love.  I deeply believe in the power of now.  I deeply believe in this moment.  I surrender to the intensity.  It is okay for this to pass through me.  It’s okay for me to lighten my load.  I give myself permission to believe in  miracles.  I am one.


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