Integrated and Inspired

Prayers and Poems 

2/7/07- 12/6/09

Note to self:  Hello.  I love you.  Thank you for choosing to transform instead of breaking.  I believe I can respond rationally and integrate holy.  I hold firm on my resolve to cleanse instantly in this moment.  I am in the divine moment experiencing orgasmic bliss eternally.  I am present.

I’m breathing in the oxygen to sustain me.  I’m releasing my need to eject.  Be present I tell myself.  Be present to the mystery that is your life.  Redefine whats in your mind.  Realize the seed of eternity.  Empathize   Give in catch the next wave.  Sending love receiving love.  Being love.

 Another day and I pray.  I pray for an awakening mine and yours. 

A becomingness as I am and you are. Togetherness

I pray for the light to shine through

I pray for me to know you.  The timeless Uniting of the Nations

Yes, I can do this.  I can bring it to this plane.  The design in the mind of the kind.  Feeling naked I reveal my truth.  Being free, my destiny.  Intuit from above beaming down I design the screen reaching into the divine.  Unto the soul singing songs perpetuating states of consciousness.  Changing, becoming, believing recording rewarding successful attempts.  Beaming down, beauty bursting into the felt sense of solitude. 

I embrace the present. And I travel to the future in my visionary space.  In love I float to the top.  I am bettering myself everyday.  I am choosing to calm down and be silent and clear.  Inside clarity-pink sky violet strip beaming psychadelic streams of sensible sweetness.  I breath deeply.  I awaken.  I free my fear and build my courage.  Expression the key, unlock the fountain.  Move into grace, more and more into a state of simplicity, abundance, prayer, cleansing, and meditation.


Just did my first EFT circle for the 12 day event Rosas En el Mar,  ending violence against women and children. 

I believe in the power of love.  I believe in myself.  I believe in my higher power.  I believe in truth.  I believe I can do whatever I set my mind to.


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