About Mayah

Mission Statement:
To support community education and access to alternative healing options, focusing on stress-management, high performance workshops, emotional freedom technique, and therapeutic massage.

My name is Mayah Kristin Hegre, born and raised in San Francisco.  I was first introduced to my healing path when I was twelve and was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis, an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to become confused and attack itself.  Management of stress is a key factor in quality of life for everyone and especially for anyone who has a chronic illness.  I’ve found,  the more I can reduce my stress,  the better I feel.  So,  I’ve been exploring the world of healing for 25 years.
I graduated from National Holistic Institute, Emeryville, CA, in 1998 as a certified massage therapist.  My journey continued at Psychic Horizons, San Francisco, where I graduated from their clairvoyant program.  From there,  I chose to finish up my degree at San Francisco State University,  with an emphasis on Holistic Health. There,  I was introduced to the full spectrum of health and healing,  including Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and Western approaches.  I was supported in following my inner guidance to choose what resonated with me the most.   I took that knowledge into the world and opened Sophia Healing Center.  As program director I brought together a team of health care practitioners that taught yoga, massage, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, art as healing, sound healing, constellation workshops, non-violent communication, and sustainability socials.
During the time the healing center was open,   I went through my own healing crisis and my Lupus flared up.  The Western approach to this is to prescribe prednisone,  a strong steroid used to suppress the immune system.  I had to take it when I was twelve but really did not want to,  if I didn’t have to,  at 36.  Fortunately,  at this same time,  I was introduced to EFT.   I’m happy to say that I was able to  avoid steroids.   I used Emotional Freedom Technique, Acupuncture and Nutrition to help support me and my healing,  and it worked.  It worked so well,  that I decided to do an apprenticeship in EFT,  so that I could become a practitioner and support others in their healing process.  I now  facilitate EFT healing circles and one on one sessions in San Francisco.  I have been actively studying and practicing EFT for 7 years now.  Thank you


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